My never before revealed goal tracker

  • Some objectives and goals were infinite and would never be ‘reached’ per se (e.g. eating vegetables everyday, making sure to exercise). Others, on the other hand, I could definitely accomplish.
  • The focus on the goals instead of the outcomes can be problematic. Some say it is better to focus on how you want to be feeling instead of what actions you will be taking. Thus, I needed the goals to not take center stage.
  • Focusing on too many things at once was completely overwhelming.
  • It was important to celebrate the wins.
  • Every person seems to have their own unique tracker. I have a friend for instance that moves little animals along his fridge to represent the goals he wishes to accomplish during the week, whenever he felt like accomplishing them🐕 🐦. Another friend hates all goals and simply allows life to unfold without a plan, and other people do vision boards at the beginning of the year. Based on the wide range of possibilities, I needed to create a tracker that would work in my own context.
The goal tracker I use, in spreadsheet form normally.
  • Keep a daily workout routine that integrates strength building & flexibility.
  • Say no as a practice in order to prioritize the most aligned projects and opportunities, even when others are disappointed.
  • Support and be supported by my family.
  • Try hiring a digital assistant to streamline workflow.
  • Participate in a carnival celebration.
  • Learn to lucid dream.



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Ez Bridgman

Ez Bridgman

Creative experience designer, facilitator and coach based in Montreal. #joy #play #learning /